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Exeter Township High-Visibility Address Sign Information

ETVFD Scholarship Information / Application

West Station - Station 25-2 (Reiffton) - 46 West 33rd Street Reading, PA 19606 - 610-779-8848

East Station - Station 25-3 (Stonersville) - 5580 Boyertown Pike Birdsboro, PA 19508 - 610-779-8848

ETFD Truck Crew Meeting - First Sunday of Every Month 10am

ETFD Drill / Training Night - Every Tuesday at 7:00PM

Exeter Township Fire Department Open House and Recruitment Day - Saturday, October 17th

Exeter Twp Fire Open House Billboard

Exeter Twp Fire Open House Billboard

The Exeter Township Volunteer Fire Department will be holding its Semi-Annual Open House and Recruitment Day on Saturday, October 17th from 12PM to 3PM at the Reiffton Station (46 West 33rd Street). This event is intended to allow the community to meet our members, tour our station, see our apparatus, and have some fun while doing it!! Please mark the date on your calendar and stop up for some free fun and entertainment, while learning about your local emergency service providers.



Crews Contain Fire in Eastwick Development

Monday, September 28, 2015  Just after 1:30PM, the Exeter Township Fire Department and companies 23, 7, 1, and 6 were dispatched to the Madison apartments off Lorane Road in Exeter for a reported house on fire. Deputy 25-1 reported smoke on the approach and received the additional of multiple calls reporting the back of a residence on fire. Due to this being a high target hazard, he immediately requested the 2nd alarm bringing in companies 4 and 64. Engine 25 and the medic unit arrived and went into service with two hand lines. Rescue/Engine 23 took the hydrant and supplied the fireground while Ladder 1 ventilated the roof. A quick and aggressive fire attack limited the damage to the main fire unit and held the spread of the fire from getting into the exposures to the side and below. This was the first opportunity to utilize the new fire-based EMS system and it worked great. The system allowed for four additional trained firefighters to be in station ready to respond and assist at this incident in a fire suppression mode. This was critical to the positive outcome of this incident. Keep up the great work everyone!

Photo Courtesy of Brett Mack

Photo Courtesy of Brett Mack

Courtesy of Brett Mack

Courtesy of Brett Mack


ETFD Fire and EMS in the Community!

Sunday, September 13, 2015  The Exeter Township Fire Department has participated in various community service events in the last few weeks! The fire and EMS units have attended events at Red Robin, Boscov's, Reiffton Block Party, and more! We look forward to many more events in the community in the coming months.



2nd alarm on Neversink St. in the city

Saturday, August 22, 2015  At 04:09 on Saturday August 22nd, the Exeter Twp. fire department was dispatched for rescue 25 in the city of reading to assist city units with a garage/auto shop fire on Neversink St. With a crew of two chiefs and 8 personnel the rescue established RIT on the alpha side of the building. Eventually the crews were split into two teams by command, one team operated hand lines and preformed interior overhaul operations while the rest of the crew stayed and maintained RIT. The rescue personnel operated for about 3 hours before returning to service.



Basement fire in Lower Alsace

Thursday, August 20, 2015 05:01 Early Thursday morning at around 5am company 25 was dispatched to the 500 block of N 26th St in company 4's area for a reported basement fire.  Engine 25 arrived on scene  to find smoke filling the house and showing from the exterior. Crews from Exeter pulled and stretched a 200 foot crossly to the rear of the building, while a back-up line was placed in service in the front of the structure by Engine 4 (Lower Alsace).  Firefighters from ladder 1 (Mt. penn) located the source of the fire to be a dryer in the basement. Exeters crew along with ladder 1 contained the small fire to the location of origin within moments.  Minor overhaul was needed, units were on scene for just over an hour before returning.  Great job to all companies and personnel involved. 

Units on scene: Engine 25, Ladder 1,  Engine 4, and Engine 1



Ambulance #3

Saturday, August 15, 2015  ETFD has added another ambulance to its fleet. This unit will be placed in service in a few weeks and be the primary ALS response unit for Exeter Township.



25 TRUCK Update

Saturday, August 15, 2015  Work is continuing on the upgrades to Exeter Township Seagrave/Baker 95' Tower Ladder. Most mechanical and aerial work has been completed and the unit is being reassembled and a new interior installed. All emergency and running lights have been replaced with LED lighting. The Aerial scope should be ready in 5 to 6 weeks.



Engine responds to extra alarm fire in Cumru

Wednesday, August 5, 2015   At 01:38 on the morning of August 5th, the Exeter Twp Fire Dept was dispatched for an engine to respond to an extra alarm fire in Cumru Twp. Engine 25 and Deputy 25-2 made the response with a crew of 5, after arriving on location the engine's crew was put to work. Splitting up into multiple teams the crew was sent to the charlie side of the 3 story building to preform various tasks, part of the units were sent to the roof for roof ops while the rest operated an 1 3/4 line off of engine 69. Crewa from exeter worked for about 2 hours before returning. While on this multiple alarm fire, other firefighters responded to station to cover the township and borough in the first due.  Great job to all personnel on the fire ground and standing by at station.



Small first due fire in Woodgate

Friday, July 31, 2015 22:53 At 22:53 on Friday evening the Exeter Twp fire Department was dispatched for a report of a rear deck on fire. Engine 25 made the initial response with a crew of 5, while en-route Chief 25 and Engine 25 found a haze of smoke filling the street, after arriving on location crews found a refrigerator on fire on the second story middle of the row apartment. The fire had extended from the fridge and run up the siding of the deck. The fire was contained to the deck area with an extinguisher. The crews from Engine 25 Tower 25 and mutual aide companies checked for further extension, ventilation of the apartment and scene clean up. A quick response by the units from 25 and mutual aide companies mitigated the result of this incident, great job to all involved. Companies 25,1, 23, city engine 5, 7, and 64 made the response.



Marine Units Assist Robeson Fire Companies

Friday, July 31, 2015  Marine 25 searches for a person missing in a quarry in Robeson Township. Exeter Township Fire  Dept. is part of a special Task Force that responds to water emergencies. ETFD members returned the following day and located the victim.
(Berks County Zone 5 & 6 Water Rescue Task Force on Facebook)



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