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West Station - Station 25-2 (Reiffton) - 46 West 33rd Street Reading, PA 19606 - 610-779-8848

East Station - Station 25-3 (Stonersville) - 5580 Boyertown Pike Birdsboro, PA 19508 - 610-779-8848

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Tower and Rescue respond to City of Reading

Saturday, October 18, 2014  8th & Oley Outlet Building / Box 09-03

Multiple calls received for fire showing at a former outlet building under renovation. Engine 9 on scene with a 5 story building with fire showing from several windows and the roof. Companies quickly took defensive positions at the corners of the building. Chief Mogel(2) requesting a 2nd alarm immediately on arrival. With fire jumping floors rapidly, command requesting tower ladder apparatus. Multiple master streams from ladder trucks and pumpers in service, with the fire quickly rising to 4th alarm to handle water supply and staffing needs.

Tower 25 set up on the A / B Corner supplied by RFD Engine 1 operates its master streams at a large building fire.



Heavy Entrapment

Friday, October 17, 2014 1244  Rescue, Rescue Engine and Engine 25 were alerted to Perkiomen Ave and Lincoln Dr. an MVA with rollover and entrapment involving a tractor trailer.

Suppression and Rescue Units made the response immediately, along with command officers. Berks DES advised Chief 25 of a tractor trailer overturned, possible entrapment.

Prior to Rescue 25's arrival, PD and EMS arrived confirming tractor trailer overturned, after striking a vehicle. EMS confirming heavy entrapment in the tractor trailer.

Chief 25 arrived and established Exeter Command. 

Rescue 25 arrived and began size up and staging of extrication tools. Engine 25 and Rescue Engine 25 arrived and stretched two 1 3/4" hand lines for suppression.

With the nature of the Entrapment and limited manpower, Chief 25 requested the second, third and fourth due rescue companies. Rescue 7 (Birdsboro)  Rescue 1 (Mt. Penn) and Rescue Engine 6 (Monarch) were alerted on the call.

All rescue companies went in service with multiple hydraulic and hand tools to effect the rescue.

Extrication time from arrival was 49 minutes. Patient was transported by EMS to a local trauma center for treatment.

An outstanding job to all companies on a difficult extrication today!



MVA Reported Entrapment and Fire

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 0845  Rescue, Engine and Rescue Engine 25, Engine 1 (Mt. Penn), Rescue 42 (Cumru Twp.) and EMS were alerted to 422 West in the area of Boscovs Distribution Center for an MVA with entrapment and fire.

As Rescue and Engine 25 made the response from the West Station, a large thermal column was visible from the area of the accident.

Rescue and Engine 25 arrived with a two vehicle MVA, confirmed a working fire and unknown entrapment.

25 crews performed a rapid search of the vehicles, while simultaneously deploying two 1 3/4" attack lines. Searches proved negative as all patients were able to self extricate prior to FD arrival. Attack lines made quick work of the fire and Engine 1 and Tower 25 provided overhaul of the involved vehicles.

All patients sustained minor injuries and refused EMS transport.



Exeter School District Homecoming Bonfire!

Thursday, October 9, 2014  The ETFD participated in the Exeter School District Bonfire.  Crews drove the apparatus in the parade through East Reiffton and assisted with the bonfire to get the district ready for the balance of the fall sports season!  Go Eagles!



Working Structure Fire

Monday, October 6, 2014 1630  Rescue and Tower 25 were alerted on the second alarm, to 805 High Blvd in Cumru Twp. (Company 42) to assist units on the scene with a working fire in a 2.5 Story SFD.

First arriving units had a working fire on the second floor of a balloon frame duplex.

Rescue and Tower 25 arrived and set up the Rapid Intervention Team. Crews assisted with placing ground ladders for egress.

First alarm units made quick work of the fire, and 25 units were released within thirty minutes.



Alarm System

Monday, October 6, 2014 0851  Tower, Engine, and Rescue Engine 25 were alerted to 5600 Perkiomen Avenue at Applebee's for an Alarm System Activation.

Units responding were advised of an activated fire alarm with no known cause.

Tower 25 arrived with a 1 Story Mercantile, normal conditions on all sides.

Crews investigated and found an activated alarm due to system maintenance.

No Fire Department services were required.



Exeter Township Fire Department's OPEN HOUSES!

The Exeter Township Fire Department is holding two open houses:

REIFFTON STATION - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11TH - 10AM TO 2PM  (We will also be having a Red Cross Blood Drive the same day from 9AM to 2PM at Reiffton)


Please come out and see our stations, see our apparatus, meet the firefighters, learn about your local fire department and get some light refreshments!



Fire Prevention Month Starts Off Strong in Exeter and St. Lawrence!

The Exeter Township Fire Department has established a fire prevention team focused on enhancing our fire prevention efforts for 2014 and beyond!  This team has taken the initiative to get a variety of fire prevention programs set-up in our community.  They have done a great job reaching different groups in our community and continue to grow and expand our programs.  Our efforts have been enhanced by the addition of our Kid's Fire Safety Trailer. 

Thanks to our dedicated members and our sponsors for making these important projects a reality.  Keep up the great work!



Working Vehicle Fire

Saturday, October 4, 2014  The ETFD was dispatched to the intersection of Rt. 422 and Shelbourne Road in Exeter Township for a reported vehicle fire.  Chief 25, Deputy 25, and Rescue 25 were on the assignment.  Engine 7 was special called due to crews being committed at a fire prevention detail in Governor Mifflin. 

Chief 25 arrived on the scene and confirmed a working fire.  Rescue 25 was placed into service.  Crews from companies 25 and 7 made quick work of the fire.  All units cleared the scene in under 30 minutes.



Increased Health Risks for Firefighters

Friday, October 3, 2014  We as Firefighters are all aware of the many health risks we face on a daily basis while doing the "Job". From Cardiovascular health, to the large amounts of Carcinogens we are exposed to.

We train and have physical fitness standards to minimize the risks we face, however some risks are not identified until we are exposed.

Old structures and vehicles contain asbestos that can cause Mesothelioma (A rare form of lung cancer). Asbestos becomes airborne and is inhaled directly into the lungs if proper PPE is not utilized. This exposure causes chronic illness and normally manifests itself many years after exposure.

To learn more on the risk of asbestos exposure and the Mesothelioma, please see the following website for further information.

"Training begins with you."



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